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Patient Transfer Trolley

1) Excel Industries has comprehensive range of FURNITURE services from residential to commercial customized to your unique needs.      

1. Two section top

2. Height adjusted by foot operated imported hydraulic pump from 660 mm to 910mm.

3. Gas spring assisted Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg positions

4. Complete with corner buffers, synthetic rubber covered handles, sliding X-ray cassette, accessories tray, oxygen cylinder holder, SS telescopic IV rod and swing away SS side rails

5. Finish : Pretreated and epoxy powder coated

6. Four swivel castors, 5” dia, two with lock

7. X-ray translucent removable stretcher, backrest raised on ratchet

8. Overall approx size: 210L x 65W x 65-95H cms.

1. Frame work made of 1.25” x 16G vertical and 1” x 18G horizontal CRC tubes.

2. Trolley mounted on 15cms. dia castors, 2 with brakes.

3. Removable stretchers top made of M.S. Sheet with S.S. handle.

4. Overall size 203L x 56W x 81H cms.

5. Finish : Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder coated.

Optional : Mattress, Side railings M.S./S.S.

1. Light weight, strong structure, lovely design, good arts and crafts, easy antisepsis, small size, convenient to use

2. Utilizes high precision mechanical transmission

3. Can be used automatically folded through the left and right hand control handle.

4. Made of high quality aluminium alloy tubes

5. Dimensions:
A – High Position: 1900 x 560 x 900mm
B – Low position: 1900 x 560 x 280mm

6. Load weight: upto 120Kg.

7. Product weight: 40Kg.

8. Diameter of the castors: 125mm

9. Applicable for various kind of hospitals, emergency centers, ambulances and battle fields

1. Aluminium folding lengthwise as well as width wise

2. 2 Fold, provided with bag

3. Unfolded size : 203L x 56W x 15H cms.

4. Folded size: 110L x 18W x 11H cms.

5. Load Bearing capacity 159Kgs.

6. Gross wt. 6 Kg, Net wt. 5Kg.

Also available in M.S. CRC tubes (EI-1568)

Technical Parameter

Product Size (L x W x H) : 1620 x 445 x 70mm (max)
1200 x 445 x 70mm (max)

Net weight : 7 kg

Gross Weight : 8 kg

The bearing pressure : <159 kg

1. Overall Approx Size: 203L x 56W x 81H cms.

2. Frame work made of Tubular M.S. Pipe with S.S. handle

3. Swing away type Safety side railing

4. Adjustable I.V. Road, Utility Tray, Cylinder Cage Foam padded top

5. Trolley mount on 15cms Dia castors- Two with Brakes

6. Finish: Pretreated & Epoxy Powder Coated

1. Preprex transparent Crib with mattress

2. Trendlenburg / Rev. Trendlenburg Manual

3. 5cms castors

4. Pretreated & Epoxy powder coated

1. Overall Approx. Size: 24” x 18” x 36”

2. Stand frame work made of 25mm x 1.22mm M.S. tubular pipe

3. Legs fitted with PVC Stumps

4. Wire mesh hanging cradle made of 19mm x 1.22mm CRC Tube and wire mesh on 5mm thick

5. Finish: Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated

1. Preprex transparent Crib with mattress

2. Trendlenburg / Rev. Trendlenburg by knob

3. Laminated cupboard with plate form 5cms castors

4. Pretreated & Epoxy powder coated