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O.T. Tables

1) Excel Industries has comprehensive range of FURNITURE services from residential to commercial customized to your unique needs.      

Salient Features

  • Five section table top gives ease for various surgical Positions.
  • Back section, Trendlenburg/RTB, Flex/Reflex, Kidney section operated through drive handle.
  • Hi-Low Position is achieved by concealed hydraulic Pump.
  • Base & column covered with 304G Stainless Steel Top to ensure high durability & hygiene for the operation room.
  • Leg Section & Head Section Interchangeable.
  • Standard Accessories

  • Five sections Mattress :1Set.
  • Anesthetist Screen :1Pcs.
  • Padded Shoulder Support :2Pcs.
  • Padded Lateral Support :2Pcs.
  • Padded Lithotomy Crutches :2Pcs.
  • Padded Arm Rest :2Pcs.
  • Drive Handle :1Pcs.
  • EXCEL Orthopedic Attachment is a flexible, easily operableinstrument for ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY

    The attachment allows the positioning of the extremity as required in regard to the surgery practice and therefore is especially adapted to ensure safe and efficient.

    Standard Accessories

  • Orthopedic Section :1Pc.
  • Pelvic Rest :1Pc.
  • Pelvic Support (Radio Translucent) :1Pc.
  • Inner thigh support (Radio Translucent) :1Pc.
  • Foot Plate with Ortho shoes :1Pair
  • Tibia Attachment :1Pc.
  • Head Surgery table (Radio Translucent) :1Pc.
  • Steinmen Pin Holding Clamp :1Pc.
  • Leg holder (Goepel Type) :1Pair
  • Optional

  • Spine Frame Attachment
  • Hand traction Device